Saturday, December 1, 2007

How to go from Unknow to a Celebrity

It is not that easy to get from unknown to a celebrity, It is obvious that determination can lead you to that. Taking Tyra Banks (supermodel) as an example; back at her school days she was so overweight, her classmates made fun of her because of her height and weight. However, she wanted to pursue modeling. Her determination to loose weight and to be in a good shape opened doors for her to model. Hence, Modeling agencies recruited her.

Therefore, determination with a lot of practice and hard work can take you up there!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Be heared & known!

This blog is a big opportunity for those with talents that need to come out to light. Whether you are amateur artist, painter, freelancer, singer, composer, etc, or you are beginning to experience and shape-up your talent, then this blog is for you.

Feel free to post details about any talent you may have, you can link related pictures of you, or your talent in action (singing a song for example). We will make sure to help you out with letting the others know about you. Those would be just people whom would be interested in your talent, agencies, studios, etc. All of this absolutely free, no strings attached.

So, start posting your talent details and comments now..